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Fujita Runa withdraws from NMB48


NMB48’s Fujita Runa (Team M) pulled out of her activities on October 3rd, and as of today, has decided to withdraw from her group.

NMB48’s official blog stated the reason for her withdraw was because her lower back had been hurting her, and the activities were painful for her to carry out. Fujita stated, “I’ve been having problems with my back, and I’ve been going to the hospital, but it hasn’t healed completely yet. I’m sad to cause more worry and trouble for everyone, so I have decided to withdraw from my NMB48 activities. I hope that my back heals properly now and I also want to take my high school exams, so I’ll work hard at studying too.

Fujita passed NMB48’s 2nd generation audition in April 2011 and joined NMB48. On January 2012, she was chosen to become a regular member of the group’s new team, Team M.

Source & Image: natalie and tokyohive

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