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Metal Gear Movie: Kojima Prefers Unknown for Lead Role.


Addressing fans questions at last weekend’s Eurogamer Expo, at Earl’s Court, London, Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, took time to bring some clarity to the future of the recently-announced Metal Gear movie.

Metal Gear doesn’t have confirmed director yet, but Kojima was keen to clarify that he will undertake a supervisory role only.

Speaking through a translator, he said: “I will not be writing the script or directing the movie but of course I am supervising the movie… the script and the casting to make sure that it is very faithful to the metal gear series. As I’m sure everyone knows, I did want to become a film-maker very early on, but that said, Metal Gear is a special thing to me and in my mind it will always be a game, so I don’t think that I would be the one to create a movie based on the Metal Gear franchise.”

The movie will be produced by Avi Arad, who also has adaptations of Uncharted, Mass Effect and inFAMOUS in the works. Kojima feels that this will aid the quality of the final product, and buck the trend of recent sub-par videogame to film crossovers.

“Historically, I think most game movies haven’t done so well, they’ve been fairly disappointing, so when the news of the Metal Gear Solid movie came out, I think a lot of people were worried at that point,” said Kojima. “But I do want to say that Avi knows Metal Gear and we’re working very closely together on this. I’m sure that the script and the casting will work out very well.”

As for the lead-role, Kojima offered one suggestion but pointed out that a fresh-face might be best for the job:

“In the past I’ve said guys like Hugh Jackman or somebody like that. But honestly, I think after thinking about it more it’s probably better to go with someone new, a rising star, someone who hasn’t been typecast as a certain character and that’s kind of the route that we’re thinking of, right now. Avi Arad is very good at finding these people, these rising stars, and I think we can find somebody who can make it big and have Solid Snake be their break in the movie industry, I think we’re looking forward to something cool.”

Full steam ahead, then, for the MGS movie.


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