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D☆DATE transfer to avex, their rise to the top... imminent

Popular boyband DDate has officially transferred to AVEX from UMJ, the band formed in 2010 composes of Seto Koji, Horii Arata,  Igarashi Shunji,Araki Hirofumi and new member Yanagishita Tomo have achieved great success thus far having all their singles and debut album land in the top ten on the Oricon, a rare feat for a boy group that doesn't come from the JE monopoly.  Their first announced release under avex will be their DATE a LIVE DVD which is scheduled for a release in 2013 and the youngest member Horii Arata will star as a lead in a new BEETV mobile drama.

video of their announcement
[Spoiler (click to open)]


well I know imma hear "oh nooos avex"......welp my favorite label and AAA/E-Girls recent success gives me confidence avex knows what to do with groups and will make them Japan's next national group!
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