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Top 3 Dramas that Viewers are Expecting to See this Fall

There will be lots of dramas that will be competing in the ratings game for this fall/autumn season. An “expectation survey” was done to see which of the October drama line-up are expected to become a hit or that the viewers are waiting for.

Abe Hiroshi‘s “Going my Home” got the top spot as the drama that viewers are eagerly waiting for. Aside from the fact that this is Director Hirokazu Koreeda first TV drama, “Going my Home” also marks Tomoko Yamaguchi’s return to small screen since “Long Vacation” (with Takuya Kimura, 1996), and the 1st time for Aoi Miyazaki to act with Hiroshi. Furthermore, the casts and staff of “Going my Home” are said to be “proven” when it comes to acting and directing.

Coming in at no.2 is Deka drama “Aibou Season 11“. The newest season of this popular drama tops the “I want to see this drama by all means” category. Huge expectations for Hiroki Narimiya who plays the [new] sidekick.

In 3rd place is Takuya Kimura‘s “PRICELESS” that marks his return in “Getsu 9” timeslot. While fans are eagerly waiting for his portrayal of a “homeless” person, there are also those who are worried about it. Moreover, the sense of “stability” that the casts gives would attract lots of attention.

In contrast to July survey where preparation for Olympics is underway, more respondents are interested to watch the drama this season. In addition to the script, viewers that are interested to see the drama until its completion is higher.


Based from the result of this survey, it looks like viewers would rather see “veterans” than the younger ones. Anyway, Aibou all the way!!!

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