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Living Legend™ Aya Ueto denies baby-making hiatus rumors

Newlywed actress Aya Ueto, who tied the knot with EXILE leader HIRO last month, attended the launch of Softbank's winter 2012/spring 2013 product lineup on October 9.

At the event, Softbank CEO, Masayoshi Son, introduced pop duo Every Little Thing's Kaori Mochida and Ichiro Ito as new members of the 'White Family' commercial series. Son addressed Ueto's marriage, teasing, "Aya, you also gained a wonderful partner, didn't you?" During the photo call, Ueto was swarmed with questions about her plans for next year. "Will you be expanding the Ueto family," asked one, followed by "Are the rumors of a baby-making hiatus next year true", to which Ueto gave a wry smile, waving her hand in a no-no gesture.

Every Little Thing were brought on board the promotional campaign for Softbank's high-speed data communication network, the 4G LTE, for which the mobile carrier unveiled new corresponding smartphones. In the commercial, the duo is asked to change their name to LTE for Softbank's promotional gains. "During filming, Ito and I kept getting the acronyms mixed up," revealed Ueto.

"Sorry for twisting your name around like that," said Son while giving the pair a name plate. "We're very pleased to be part of this campaign, we will continue our activities under the name LTE", joked Mochida.

"I love ELT so I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with them," said Ueto. "We welcome two new members to the Softbank family," she continued.

Also in attendance were Dante Carver, Kanako Higuchi and the White Family's Oto-san.

source: Oricon
translation: baboona
Tags: actor/actress, aya ueto, cm, every little thing, press conference

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