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Maeda Atsuko holds a talk show at ‘Odaiba Gakuensai 2012′

On October 6th, AKB48 graduate Maeda Atsuko held a talk show at ‘Odaiba Gakuensai 2012‘.

Maeda, who is currently working on obtaining her driver’s license, revealed that she got her driver’s permit in one try. “I’m two-thirds done with my driver’s education course,” she said.

The former idol appeared at the event in a black dress and heels; a slightly mature look compared to her days as a member of AKB48. When asked what kind of car she wants to drive, she replied, “I think women who drive four-wheel drive vehicles are cool.

Standing beside Maeda, Terry Ito commented, “Cars are convenient when you have a significant other. Since Acchan is going to have a boyfriend someday.” Maeda blushed and said, “That’s true~,” and continued, “I also want to go on a night drive by myself.


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