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Ikimono gakari to release ballad best album 『Bara Donburi』 !! in December

It's been annouce that pop rock band ,Ikimono gakari will release new ballad best album titled 「バラー丼 (Bara Donburi)」 on December 19th 

This ballad best will feature a total of 13 songs ,including 「SAKURA」 (2006) ,「Akaneiro no yakusoku」(2007) ,「Kaeritakunatta yo」(2008), 「YELL」(2009) , 「Arigatou」(2010) ,NHK 's Olympic theme song 「Kaze ga fuiteiru」(2012) and new version of Kaze ga fuiteiru which recorded at England

Check out tracklist below !

■Ikimono gakari Ballad best album 『Bara Donburi』

・「Koisuru Otome」
・「Akaneiro no yakusoku」
・「Kaeritakunatta yo」
・「Kokoro no Hana wo Sakaseyou
・「Ashita e Mukau Kaerimichi
・「Aruite Ikou 」
・「Kaze ga fuiteiru」
・「Kaze ga fuiteiru (new version ,recorded at London)」

Source : Natalie , Official website

Nice tracklist !!..but quick  to release best album na .Besides, almost all of songs were included on their last best album XD
Anyway, glad that the rumor that their new album will be released on the same day with Misuchiru 's album was wrong  after all .If they release on the same day with Misuchiru, i think they will be hard to reach No.1 surely

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