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Utada Hikaru Hospitalized For 9 Days With Foot Injury

Utada Hikaru has revealed that she has been hospitalized for 9 days after tearing the ligaments in her foot while on a hike.

The singer was taking part in the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage on September 26th when her foot became injured. Instead of stopping though, she kept on hiking for 3 days with the injury in order to finish the pilgrimage.

"Though I was troubled, I felt like I had to continue to pilgrimage...I do not regret it," she stated.

After completing the pilgrimage, the singer went to the hospital where she stayed for 9 days to receive treatment. The muscle in the injured ankle was torn and the ligaments were damaged.

Despite the injuries, the singer has assured fans over twitter that she is fine.

Source: jpopasia

Tags: health, utada hikaru

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