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subARASHIki sekai

Tamaki Hiroshi reported to have a new girlfriend?


Tamaki Hiroshi is reported to have a new girlfriend as revealed in the 12th October issue of FRIDAY. According to the magazine, Tamaki's new girlfriend looks like actress Higa Manami and Tamaki was spotted to have brought her home on consecutive days. As Tamaki lives with his mother and younger sister, it was assumed that the new girlfriend has already been introduced to the family. When asked about Tamaki's new relationship, his agency said that he is already over 30 years old and they do not know everything about his private life. However, they denied the likelihood of Tamaki cohabiting with his girlfriend because his family is also living with him. Coincidentally, Tamaki plays a guy who can't get married because he doesn't have the means to do so in the FujiTV autumn drama "Kekkon Shinai" and had revealed in a Sanspo interview that he planned to get married in his early 30s.

Tags: actor/actress, manami higa, rumors, tamaki hiroshi

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