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Taisuke Fujigaya Speechless from Kimura Takuya

On Oct 11th, SMAP‘s Kimura Takuya attended the press conference for “PRICELESS~Aruwake needaro, nna mon~“, at Metropolitan area in Tokyo. The entire cast was present including Karina, Naohito Fujiki, Nakaii Kichi, and Kis-my-Ft2′s Fujigaya Taisuke.

When asked about their “priceless moments”, Fujigaya can’t help but recall the moment when he exchanged cellphone numbers with his Johnny’s senpai, Kimura Takuya. “The moment when I have exchanged numbers with Kimura-san and when I sent an email is priceless,” Fujigaya commented. “Actually, the one I gave you is my phone number, not my mobile number,” Takuya’s reply earned a laughter from the audience and an “Eh?!’ from Fujigaya.

“PRICELESS” revolves around the story of  Fumio Kindaichi (Kimura) who is living a fairly ordinary life until he gets caught-up in an intrigue that cost him to lose his job. Furthermore, he ends up penniless and homeless. Due to his penniless state, he finds himself living in a park and gets acquainted with the homeless kids that made him realize that there are more important things in life that money can’t buy.

Furthermore, PRICELESS is Takuya’s return to Fuji TV’s “Getsu9” timeslot. “I really enjoyed working for this drama,” he commented. When asked about what he thinks is priceless, “its love and affection in families, and also meeting SMAP,” Takuya added.

This is also Fujigaya’s first time in “getsu9″ series and he was happy to experience a lot of “firsts” during the shooting. Fujigaya said that he sent a “thank you” email to Kimura when he learned that he will joining him for the drama and for exchanging numbers with his senior. While Takuya replied with “Let’s work hard for the shooting!”

“PRICELESS~Aruwake needaro, nna mon~” will start its run on Oct 22nd, 9PM (JST).

Oricon Style via jnewseng

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