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NMB48’s Matsuda Shiori to graduate from the group


It’s been reported that NMB48’s Matsuda Shiori will be graduating from the group in order to focus on her studies.

This was announced by Matsuda herself during Team N’s concert on October 18th at NMB48 Theater in Osaka. Her graduation concert will be held on the 24th.

Matsuda also posted a comment on the group’s official blog explaining, “From shortly before, I wasn’t able to have confidence in continuing my activities as NMB48. So I was troubled, thinking it would be better to prioritize my studies and return to being a normal girl. I thought that I would trouble the members and fans if I continued my activities with a half-hearted attitude. I thought that it would reflect on my performance.

Matsuda became NMB48’s first generation member back in October of 2010 and was the senbatsu member for their debut song, “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” (released July 2011). Last September, she temporarily suspended her activities, but was able to return early this year due to the fans’ votes.

Matsuda is the 5th member to withdraw from NMB48 this year following Kodakari Yuuka, Jo Eriko, Fujita Runa, and Ota Riona.

Source & Image: Oricon & tokyohive

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