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A look at the 2nd ep of Terrace House and Momoko has a scandal?

Summary/translation + netizen commentary of the episode

Now to get to the nitty-gritty of this: Momoko's 'scandal'.
It so happens that she used to work (or currently) at a SM Club. She lived/lives in share-house in Shibuya with about 20+ people, which can actually be seen in the BBC documentary here. A lot of those residing in the share-house are artists in different mediums, and it seems that a lot of the house's residents enjoy being naked: (nsfw) (includes more pictures of Momoko )(nsfw)

From her twitter and tumblr, it can also be assumed that she's a Ninagawa Mika (Heavy Rotation director) fan and she also used to work at a maid cafe, which could explain how she became an AKB48 fan/wota. She's done double eyelid surgery and is considering getting her nose done as well.

Anyways, I guess atelierlune and I came close with our AV comments last week. Momoko, I assume to go along with her job, has some risque photographs that netizens picked up on. It's also really interesting how many changed their view of her so quickly, from 'Momoko will protect KitaRie as a wota' to 'omg, Momoko better stay away from KitaRie'. Below are the pictures behind the lj-spoiler 'cause they're kinda nsfw and not everyone is here for that. Many people were hoping that Toyota would cancel the sponsorship for the show or something, but I don't think that they care that much. Or at least I'd hope not.

[Kinda-nsfw pictures]

video: 1, 2, 3

Personally, Momoko has my respect and I like her even more. It's interesting how Seina's interview for GLAMOROUS turned out.
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