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Johnny’s in a Cabaret

There is circulating rumor about these Johnny’s talents frequenting a cabaret

[As reported]

Cabaret is an oasis for tired men who are seeking rest and recreation. The price at each cabaret varies depending on its exclusivity and of course- the quality of hostess.

Cabarets loves handsome actors and Johnny’s idols, who loves nothing but to play. They are usually surrounded by noisy women who goes “kya!kya!” over Johnny’s according to witnesses.

Actors Shun Oguri and Satoshi Tsumabuki are famous for their wild merrymaking in the cabaret club that until now it has been talked by the people.

In a separate incident, Oguri Shun and Kanjani8′s Murakami Shingo reportedly traveled to Okinawa to visit an exclusive Okinawan cabaret. Murakami got drunk and he has a habit of undressing or exposing the lower part of his body. The Okinawan hostess took delight with Murakami’s bare ass and dance while stroking her hands on his hips.

In another cabaret sightings in Roppongi, Yamashita Tomohisa and Arashi’s Sho Sakurai were reportedly regulars in a certain bar. While promoting “Ero-P“, Yamashita made remarks about wanting to go to a cabaret that he is now considered a cabaret bar enthusiast. Then there’s KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya, who has  yet to be rumored playing in Roppongi, but there has been lots of sightings by the locals. (according to an entertainment reporter).

Lastly, K of N and Y of K, both doesn’t have much projects outside of their groups and were reportedly not exactly close. However, the two were rumored to have the same taste and habit when it comes to cabaret acts.

In a certain cabaret in Kabukicho, K would tend to arrive in the morning than at night when  there is more people. K would have his favorite hostess and will do the deed in the bar’s toilet. It’s the same routine when Y also comes to the bar. “They must be so excited that they can’t endure it any longer,” according to a former staff. The “toilet’ incidents were quite surprising since most would rather do it in the VIP room or in a nearby City Hotel.

It is quite preposterous since girls in Kabukicho is not like those girls in other cabaret. S*X in the toilet area is unreasonable. One hopes that they could play as adult’s with gentleman manners.


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