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"Umizaru" manga artist declares end of working relationship with FujiTV


Sato Shuuhou, the manga artist behind famous works such as "Umizaru" and "Black Jack ni Yoroshiku", declared via Twitter that he would not work with FujiTV again. According to Sato's tweets, FujiTV had gone to his office without an appointment for a surprise interview and it offended him so much that a chief producer from the news reporting unit came to apologise and promised not to do it again. However, another incident proved to be the last straw which made Sato decide not to work with the TV station again.

Apparently, FujiTV had sold books related to Umizaru's movie version without signing a contract with him. Sato said that there is no way he can work with FujiTV anymore and compared their actions to a thief who stole money but tried to deny the intention of stealing by saying that he only intended to borrow the money. Sato even declared that there is no likelihood of any Umizaru movie sequel being made in future.

Tags: anime/animation, film, manga, movie, twitter

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