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Nikkei Trendy names Sakuraba Nanami the “Face of the Year”


The magazine Nikkei Trendy has released its annual “Hit Products Best 30″ list, which highlights the most popular consumer goods and trends of the year. As usual, it also announced its “Face of the Year,” given to a rising celebrity who had a breakout year and is anticipated to get even bigger. This year, that honor went to 20-year-old actress Sakuraba Nanami, who is also known as a member of the idol group bump.y.

Sakuraba, who made her show business debut in 2007, appeared in multiple television dramas, films, commercials, and advertising campaigns this year, greatly increasing her public exposure.

The “Hit Products Best 30″ were:

  1. Tokyo Skytree (the tallest tower in the world was completed in March)
  2. LINE (a popular social messaging application)
  3. Domestic “low-cost carriers” (three new budget airlines opened in Japan this year)
  4. Maruchan Seimen (a new instant noodle product from Maruchan)
  5. Fit Cut Curve (a new model of scissors)
  6. JINS PC (eyeglasses designed for heavy computer usage)
  7. Osawari Tantei Nameko Saibai Kit (a mobile game application involving cultivating mushrooms)
  8. Kirin Mets Cola (a “healthy” cola beverage)
  9. Machi-kon (large-scale dating events, similar to goukon, but much larger)
  10. Kuro Beer-kei Inryo (a type of beverage)
  11. Shio-koji (a cooking ingredient that combines fermented koji and salt)
  12. N BOX (a minivan made by Honda)
  13. Sonicare AirFloss (an air-based alternative to dental floss)
  14. Meyer Microwave Pressure Cooker (a microwaveable pressure cooker)
  15. Aqua (a hybrid made by Toyota)
  16. Conbini Wa-Sweets (a term referring to convenience-store Japanese sweets)
  17. Taiyou no Mate-cha (a tea beverage)
  18. Ore no Italian / Ore no French (a casual dining chain)
  19. Samsung Galaxy SIII / Galaxy Note (mobile devices)
  20. Lenor Happiness Aroma Jewel (laundry scent boosters)
  21. Alesion 10 (epinastine tablets)
  22. Tattoo stockings (stockings with designs that resemble tattoos)
  23. Metallic Nano Puzzle (3-D laser-cut metallic puzzles)
  24. HMZ-T1 (a visor-like head mounted display made by Sony)
  25. Annular eclipse (Japan had a rare one in May)
  26. Tokyo Chikara Meshi (a beef bowl restaurant chain)
  27. Battroborg (a battle robot toy made by Takara Tomy)
  28. Mote Namida-Bukuro Moisture (a type of makeup to accentuate your under eyes)
  29. Osoji Robot 2.0 (Roomba-like vacuum cleaning robots have finally caught on in Japan)
  30. Kids dance (becoming more popular)

Oricon and tokyograph

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