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Jun Matsumoto Enjoys 840Yen Meal

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun is a classic diva example that you can eat anywhere simply because you can…

As reported,

A certain Chinese restaurant in Shibuya called “S” is rumoured to be MatsuJun’s favorite place for lunch. The said restaurant has 4-6 tables that could only accommodate 20 people inside. It’s just minutes of walk from Omotesando Hills in Tokyo; however, despite its prime location, the area is lined with fashionable cafes so people usually ignore this restaurant.

S restaurant interior isn’t exactly stylish either, so it was sort of surprising that Matsumoto would prefer such place. A weird feeling hovers in the atmosphere when Matsumoto would drop by for a meal.

Though it’s not impossible, it is really surprising that he would eat in such place since he is Jun Matsumoto of Arashi.

Matsumoto would usually sit on the counter and eat his rice meal alone. He sometimes talk to sales clerk and has been heard saying that he has work after.

A certain entertainment professional said that is only reasonable for Matsumoto to eat in between a busy day at work. 

While Matsumoto is often seen in upscale restaurants, where he or his friends, would usually reserve a private room to avoid causing a stir with other people. Matsumoto is also known to eat anything, fine-dining or not.

Not the actual meal but quite similar

A reporter from Women’s Weekly decided to visit the said restaurant and try Matsumoto’s favorite dish. According to the store clerk, Matsumoto would always order- Steamed Soy Chicken with Leeks. The reporter was satisfied with the meal and describe it as “a hefty serving of chicken, with steam wafting from your plate, plus a heaping of Kogashi leek”. All of those for 840 Yen.

Lastly, Matsumoto is not only seen in daytime but during night time as well.

credits: MIKU at Jnewseng
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