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Kids Cause Mayhem at McDonald’s, Challenge Themselves to Eat 60 Servings of Fries in One Sitting

No country is consuming more potato this week than Japan, thanks to McDonald’s latest promotion…

Offering small, medium and large-sized fries for just 150 yen (US$1.90), the fast food chain has seen an influx of people taking advantage of the promotional campaign and filling up for less, no doubt prompting heads of McMarketing to call the offer a huge McCess success.

That is, however, until the end of last week when photos appeared on Twitter showing high school kids buying up 60 large-sized cartons of fries at once in an attempt to eat them all in one sitting…

The kids entered a branch of McDonald’s opposite Okayama station in the Chūgoku region of Japan on 28 October, whereupon they bought and spread out an incredible 60 servings of the heavily-salted fries before settling down to take on a self-imposed challenge.

▼”Large fries x 60 challenge”

A photo promptly showed up on Twitter, along with a comment inviting people to come and watch:

“We’re here on the second floor of McDonald’s opposite the station trying to eat 60 orders of fries. Everyone, come and support us!”

Despite the fact that the kids later tweeted to say that not a single fry was wasted, the act was criticised by many online, especially after it became clear that the stunt caused havoc at the restaurant.

The potato challenge took over three hours to complete, and once the original tweet had been circulated more than 2,000 times, dozens of kids showed up to witness the spectacle and cheer them on. While at the time the kids involved probably couldn’t believe that they’d gone viral across the internet, they soon felt the sting of minor fame when other diners and staff at the restaurant began to complain.

▼The stunt took place during one of the busiest times of day for the restaurant

Since the gluttonous group began their challenge at 11 a.m., their enormous order naturally had a negative effect on other customers who found themselves unable to buy fries as the kitchen struggled to keep pumping them out. Meanwhile, the second floor of the restaurant became overwhelmed with high schoolers gathering to watch, taking up two dining boxes and blocking the walkways.

Twitter was not pleased…

“The guys who did this are idiots. As are the guys who sold them the fries in the first place…”

“Cultural standards are indeed slipping”

“They could do this at night time and cause a lot less hassle.”

“Or at least buy the fries and do it somewhere else?”

“There’s no limit to the amount of time a person can spend or food they can buy at a restaurant. But these people have to be aware that their behaviour has a negative effect on other…”

“Is something this trivial and stupid really that much fun!? It doesn’t take much to amuse some people, does it?”

“I don’t see the problem here- this kind of act seems perfectly fitting for a place like McDonald’s…”

“Countryside; brats; Twitter; the three sacred treasures…”

While we don’t deny for a second that this feeding frenzy was a little dim-witted and distasteful, we struggle to find it in our hearts to condemn these youngsters for trying it (after all, we’re guilty of a similar crime ourselves).

McDonald’s has become something of a haven for high schoolers since staff rarely ask them to move on even if they sit nursing a single hamburger for hours while using a table to study at or hang out with their friends, and while the company sells food at prices that even unemployed kids can afford, it’s bound to attract their business. Of course, no-one asked the kids to buy so many fries or to publicise their stunt online, but kids will be kids, and ultimately someone working at the restaurant must have realised that it might not be a good idea to provide them with so much food in one go, and, as one twitter user commented: “People giving the kids a hard time really ought to have been complaining to the staff first; it’s their job to run their restaurant well, and they sold them the fries in the first place…”

We’re earnestly looking forward to the diarrhea-inducing “60 Milkshakes” stunt and the horrific photos it provides…

Source: Itai News and rocketnews24

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