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Big Bang's Seungri is Recognized as Rising Variety TV Star in Japan


Big Bang‘s Seungri is receiving the limelight as a variety rookie in Japan.

In the midst of Big Bang’s world tour preparations, Seungri has been appearing on several variety programs in Japan. He has been working alongside top Japanese comedians and is receiving a lot of love for it.

Broadcast sources are praising Seungri for his energetic image and diligent work ethics. They say that Seungri has the ability to quickly analyze the fast trends of Japan so there were little to no problems in adjusting.

Seungri’s reps spoke with Star News and said, “Seungri is being recognized for his quick senses and his strong yet diligent stance. He is quickly learning about the trends of Japan and is naturally fitting in with the Japanese broadcast. He recently held a solo fan meeting as well.”

Oricon Style held an interview with Seungri where he stated, “In whatever circumstance, I want to give it my all,” and “I think it’s luck that I’m receiving this popularity right now. I’m enjoying it.

After Big Bang completed their Japanese tour last month, Seungri was the only one who remained in Japan for various activities. Only after a month of variety TV appearances, Seungri was chosen as a special MC for a particular show and even had a show created for him, “V.I. From Big Bang.”

Seungri plans to continue his Japanese variety appearances, prepare for the world tour and plan for his next solo album.

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