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Kaela Kimura is releasing a new album!!!

Kaela Kimura is releasing her seventh album on December 19 called Sync. This album will include her past two singles  Mamireru (マミレル) and  Sun shower. No official covers have been released yet but the tracklist has and the final track from this album "WONDER ϟ Volt" will be used as the theme for the Japanese release of the movie Frankenweenie.


1. マミレル 
2. HERO 
3. Sun shower 
4. coffee 
5. Hello Goodbye 
6. sorry 
7. MY WAY 
8. Synchronicity 
9. so i 
10. Merry Go Round 
11. Cherry Blossom 
12. WONDER Volt 

1.マミレル -music video- 
2.Sun shower -music video- 
3.so I -music video- 
4.Sun shower making movie-

preview of Wonder Volt


I didn't like any A-side this era (was super short), but still all of Kaela's albums are great

so damn excited!

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