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NINKI ratings for the week of 12/11~18/11/2012


01 231.30 KARA - Girls Forever
02 99.60 Sexy Zone - one Sexy Zone
03 73.40 The Rolling Stones - GRRR! ~Greatest Hits 1962-2012
04 61.40 SPEED - 4 Colors
05 55.80 GREEN DAY - DOS!
06 50.40 Sakamoto Maaya - Single Collection + Mitsubachi
07 26.60 One Direction - Take Me Home
08 25.30 Kotobuki Reiji (Morikubo Shotaro), Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma) - Uta no☆Prince Sama♪SHUFFLE UNIT CD Reiji & Otoya
09 20.60 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Yokubo
10 19.60 DAISHI DANCE - WONDER Tourism


01 230.10 Kis-My-Ft2 - Ai no Beat
02 97.00 2PM - Masquerade
03 83.00 Sandaime J Soul Brothers - Powder Snow ~Eien ni Owaranai Fuyu~
04 37.60 Fairies - White Angel
05 32.80 Ketsumeishi - moyamoya / guruguru
06 28.20 T-ARA - Sexy Love (Japanese ver.)
07 22.00 Miyano Mamoru - ULTRA FLY
08 20.30 9nine - Iiaru! Kyonshi feat. Haohao! Kyonshi Girl / Brave
09 18.20 Ling tosite sigure - abnormalize
10 16.00 LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - Beautiful World / Happy X'mas (War Is Over)

Note 1:

The NINKI ratings are the results of a POLL conducted by Oricon indicating degree of interest/degree of purchase intention in an upcoming release. Although the ratings are never a true reflection of sales, it does give a strong prediction about where the single/album will place in terms of popularity amongst the Japanese public. However, they are NOT an indication of how it will perform in terms of chart positioning and total sales for the week.

Note 2:

According to Oricon's note under the NINKI page, Oricon researches about 870,000 of its members by random sampling of 400 members in their 10s until 40s. 50 men and 50 women are chosen randomly to participate in each age group. (However, some popular artists have had NINKI exceeding 500, so we can only assume that Oricon has extended the polling to around 600/700 people now.)

Some other new releases next week (according to CDJapan listing):

Singles - Imai Eriko, Dochin Yoshikuni, D=OUT, Little Blue boX, DOES, Silent Siren, Blu-BiLLioN

Albums - Aoyama Thelma, PASSPO, MIYAVI, Shinsei Kamatte-chan, D, Watanabe Misato, Sugawara Sayuri, Angelo, JAM Project, GOING UNDER GROUND, Wonder Girls

I believe KARA will get no.1, though I'm not sure if they can even reach 200k this time. As for Sexy Zone, I don't think they will be much of a threat considering their singles sales, but the handshake events will probably help them get over 100k. I hope SPEED does decently, and I think Maaya will debut in the top 5, possibly above SPEED. And lol Wonder Girls' best album doesn't even rank in the NINKI.

As for singles chart, although 2PM has a higher NINKI, I hope that 3G-JSB will pull through and grab the no.2 spot instead. Also rooting for Ketsumeishi, Fairies and LOVE PSYCHEDELICO.

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