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Shoujo Jidai to Endorse G-Star RAW Clothing Line in Japan

G-Star RAW, a designer clothing company based in the Netherlands specializing in denim, has revealed that Girls’ Generation, Asia’s representative artist, will be endorsing the high quality urban clothing brand in Japan for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 line. G-Star RAW Japan released the above image through their Facebook and Twitter accounts as a preview for Girls’ Generation’s endorsement, showing the members in jeans and white tops.

G-Star RAW, Girls’ Generation’s latest endorsement in Japan, has just released video footage of a CM filming and photoshoot onto its YouTube channel. The clips, set to Girls’ Generation’s “FLOWER POWER”, showed the members of Girls’ Generation posing for photos and videos in G-Star RAW’s denim clothing. And one version of the videos included an interview, in which Jessica and Tiffany both spoke in English where Jessica revealed that Girls’ Generation is honored to be the first Asian artist to work with G-Star RAW and that the members wore G-Star RAW jeans for the music video of the Gee (Japanese Version) released in 2010. Tiffany then thanked G-Star RAW and fans of Girls’ Generation for making their endorsement of the high quality urban clothing brand possible. G-Star RAW has also updated its Japanese website with photos and interviews with Girls’ Generation.

(CM) Shoujo Jidai - G-Star RAW Japan feat. Shoujo Jidai's 「FLOWER POWER」

(Making of CM) Shoujo Jidai - G-Star RAW feat. Shoujo Jidai's 「FLOWER POWER」

少女時代 - 「Gee」 (Japanese Version)

source: Soshified News (1) (2), G-Star RAW Japan website, GStarRawJapan@yt
Tags: cm, fashion, shojo jidai

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