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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi & Kazama Shunsuke together in nursing care experience

To commemorate the future release of movie “Ninkyo Helper”, on November 11th “Day of Nursing care”, SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and kouhai, Kazama Shunsuke visited the Welfare Center of Setagaya College (Setagaya, Tokyo) to interact with students and actually have experience as helpers in nursing care.

The drama that was first broadcasted in 2009, and gets its movie adaptation 3 years later. Kusanagi plays the role of “Hikoichi”, the hero who manages to rebuild a care facility in a new land for old people. Struggling to demonstrate an inherited spirit from Robin Hood.

The cast was greeted with applauses from the students who had just watched the movie. Kusanagi: “I began to feel closer to nursing care”, he confessed. “Everybody experience aging, our parents, ourselves are challenged by it, every year and even if we make people to acknowledge that even a little, I think that’s a good thing”.

Kazama took a glimpse into the field of nursing through the shooting, “Even just cleaning is something difficult, I’m sure everybody go through tough experiences”, “It’s not just about helping people weaker than yourself but just standing near those people in need is a great help. Keeping in contact with them even when they don’t have problems anymore, is important”.

While under the guidance of teachers and caregivers, the cast learned to change clothes and practiced moving people from bed to the wheelchair. Kusanagi had to challenge a scene like this in the movie, ”I learned a lot. I want to incorporate what I learned today in any future scene”, poking the possibility of a sequel.

[Nikkan Sports] [Sanspo] [] via jenewsdaily

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