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5:07 pm - 11/16/2012

‘ATARU’ to return with a special drama on New Year’s Day

On October 25th, it was announced that the TBS drama ‘ATARU‘, which aired in the spring will be returning with a special drama on New Year’s Day.

‘ATARU’ is starring SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro as the lovable ‘Chokozai’ aka ‘Ataru’ who is suffering from the savant syndrome. He commented, “I’m glad that I can act as Chokozai again, but this feeling of joy is also mixed with a certain anxiety. I hope we all will have a lot of fun at the set again.”

The drama tells the story of ‘Chokozai’, who helps two detectives – played by Kuriyama Chiaki and Kitamura Kazuki – solving with various difficult cases using his extraordinary memory and deductive skills. The drama was a big success with ratings as high as 21.7%.

In the special drama, the younger brother of Chokozai, ‘Tasuku’ becomes the prime suspect in a serial murder case that resemble the 1997 crucifix murders in America. Though Chokozai returned to America in the final episode of the drama, he will come back to Japan in order to help out his brother.

The producer of the drama explained that it was a miracle that he managed to get all of those busy actors together again for the special. He said, “It’s such an inexpressible feeling, I cannot describe it with words. I was moved to tears.” The drama’s main theme is the bonds between family and friends. He continued, “I hope we can send out a warm message and give all viewers a great amount of energy for their start into the new year.”

stbluemoon 17th-Nov-2012 12:06 pm (UTC)
Heard the announcement a while ago, but I'll gladly celebrate again -- Yeessss!! :DDDbb
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