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YUI to go on hiatus at the end of the year

On November 19th, it was revealed that singer-songwriter YUI will be putting a halt to her music activities at the end of the year.

Through a handwritten announcement on her official website, YUI explained that she has found something new that she wants to try, and has decided to take a break in order to prepare for it. “I know this might cause people to worry, but I am writing this hoping that this letter will convey that I decided on it with a positive mind.

Regarding her future, she commented, “My style might change, but I want to do lots of fun things through music, so if you’d like, please stay with me.” While on hiatus, YUI plans to report fans of her present situation through her official website.

YUI is scheduled to perform on TV Asahi’s music program, ‘MUSIC STATION‘, on November 23rd. Fans can expect a live announcement from the singer herself.

Source: natalie

well i'll be patiently wait, kinda excited at her style change XD

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