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Atsuko Maeda Meets Taylor Swift

Former AKB48 center, Atsuko Maeda, had the chance to interview popular country singer Taylot Swift for her Tokyo FM radio show- "HEART SONGS of Atsuko Maeda". The interview was recorded in Hanzomon, Tokyo and will be broadcasted on the 29th at 21:50~21:55 (Mon-Thrus).

Swift visited Japan to promote her latest album "RED" that became no.1 in the US for 3 consecutive weeks. Maeda is a self-proclaimed Taylor Swift fan, she even went to see Taylor Swift's live performance in private, and she also played Taylor's songs when Maeda had her first radio broadcast last Apr 5, 2010.

Maeda was filled with joy when Taylor said that Maeda can call her "Tay" since that's what her close friends call her. In exchange, Taylor also used Maeda's popular nickname- "Acchan".

During the interview, Maeda selects her favorite song from Taylor's latest album, the two also talked about the meaning behind Taylor's song lyrics down to fashion.

Maeda's interview with Taylor lasted for 30 minutes and will be cut in 4 segments to fit her 5-minutes radio program. Maeda expressed her regrets that the interview has to end and commented, "I love Tay the most in the world, I'm really glad that I have come to meet you. When I'm sad, I always listen to Tay's songs, it gives me encouragement to always do my best," she finished with a smile.

Taylor, who have met Maeda in Summer Sonic 2 years ago, learned that Maeda have gone solo and encourage her to do her best. "I support you all the way."

sponichi and model press translated by yours truly.


I think that this is the first time that I posted an AKB48 news from the usual Johnny's stuff that I posted. Oh well, only in Japan that there is a 5-minutes radio program, I mean, 5-minutes?! Even Johnny's got longer airtime than that.
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