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Another Graduation for AKB48's First Outside Japan Sister JKT48


AKB48's first outside Japan sister, JKT48 lost another member. official web site has announced that today Neneng Rosdiana or known as Ochi graduates today. Actually she accounced her graduation from her Twitter account but got deleted by the official without any reason.

On November 21, JKT48 official website finally announced her graduation date which is today, November 25, following the ex-members; Siti Gayatri, Intania Pratama, Fahira and Allisa Astri who had graduated a long time ago. But because a poor health condition, Ochi that scheduled to be play in her las theater today can't attend her graduation event, so the official announced her graduation from the official website. It's so sudden for her fans. 

Although the official said that she wanted to looking for something new, but there are bad rumours of her graduation. Ochi known as a junior high school student with bad personalities. For some reason, she lied to her fans that she's studied in Jakarta and home-schooling, but actually she's not. Many of her schoolmates hate her for that reason, but her ex-seniors also said that seniors in Ochi's real school are hate her for another reason.

Another rumour said that JKT48's members' parents are annoyed to official for make their daughters like a money machine, that maybe happened to Ochi before she announced her graduation. 

Her Google+ account will deleted on 01:00 AM in Japan time.

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I live in the same town with Ochi. I'm not graduated from her school but my juniors in High School were her seniors and they know exactly how much Ochi's seniors hate her. By the way, there's no graduation or jkt48 tag yet.

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