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Masuda Yuka to graduate AKB

21-year-old Masuda Yuka, second generation AKB48 member, has announced on her blog that she will be graduating AKB, following a scandal with DA PUMP's ISSA.

She wrote:

I'm sorry it's been quite a while since my last post.

Tomorrow, Shuukan Bunshun is releasing an article about me, saying I slept over at DA PUMP frontman ISSA's apartment. The article includes things that aren't true, but that I spent the night at his place is the truth.

I apologize for my indiscreet behavior and I'm honestly sorry that it resulted in misunderstandings among fans, fellow members, staff and family.

I've thought the situation over and asked myself what would be the best thing to do and as a way of taking responsibility for my actions, I've decided to retire from AKB48. Sorry for this sudden announcement.

I apologize to all the fans that have supported me all along for leaving the group in such fashion.
I wanted to express my feelings directly to fans and everyone else worried by the article, so I've announced it here on my blog.

Masuda Yuka

Yuttan, who is also a member of AKB subgroup DiVA, has recently taken a break from AKB activities to dedicate her time to the musical 'The Wiz', in which she has the main role.

Basically says Yuttan and ISSA were together in his apartment for over 20 hours. Yuttan's agency say it was a gathering of 'The Wiz' actors. ISSA's agency says he's broken off his engagement with Fukumoto Sachiko, but not because of Yuttan.

Blog Post Translation

Looks like AKB just lost one of their best singers. ;-; She was an important member, but it's true that she wasn't getting anything out of AKB anymore. Wish she'd been able to graduate of her own will and not due to a scandal though.
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