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10:40 pm - 11/28/2012

The cheating men what they deserve?


Some of you may already be familiar with the entertaining, yet controversial Net Movie Program "The Triangle" by the Japanese comedy duo London Boots on their show London Hearts. The show has been gaining a huge number of views and attention, good as well as bad. 

For those who have not yet encountered the segment, it is a mixture between the US reality TV show Cheaters and a Japanese Variety Show. Women who are, with or without reason, suspicious of their partners, put them through a test to catch them in the act of cheating. By hiring a trap girl whose job it is to seduce said men away from their girlfriends, they humiliate the boyfriends in front of thousands or even millions of viewers online (Views vary from just 100.000 viewers to almost 3million). The name 'The Triangle' explains the goal of the show, to create a love triangle.

A woman is watching her boyfriend of 4 years on screen, he is trying to coax the trap girl to sleep at his home. While the woman has tears in her eyes, the comedians around her make jokes about silly little things.

Scenes like this are cause for controversial opinions online, ranging from pure excitement to disgust at the public humiliation. 

Not only the Triangle segment is cause for some discussion, some netizens complain that their other shows (mostly focused on the hidden camera and humiliation aspect) are too open and focused on sexual themes.
Make up your own mind about it and watch the latest Triangle saga below with English subs.

→  First video of the latest series. Embedding disabled. 

Source: London Hearts Youtube Channel

Personally, I like this show :D Have not seen a post about this show before and since it is subbed...I thought why not :) 

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fukkthedumbshyt Nothing can top Cheaters for me.29th-Nov-2012 09:02 am (UTC)
But I'll try this. I give 0 f*cks for cheaters. You weren't thinking about how you significant other would feel so why should we care if you're embarrassed about being exposed.

Also I was just about to go to bed but now I'm going to watch this and Cheaters clips on Youtube._.
stole_away 29th-Nov-2012 11:30 am (UTC)
I love this show & this is one of my fav projs that they do HAHA.

anyway, the people that appeared in this used to be normal people (non celebrities) mostly girlfriends who want to check if their boyfriends will cheat on them, I remember once, after the triangle thingy in the restaurant, the trick girl actually asked the guy if he wanted to begin a 'secret r/s' with her but the guy said no cos he cheated on his girlfriend before and he said his girlfriend suffered back then and he didn't want to do this to his girlfriend again.

I though that was really sweet (since the girlfriend actually thought that the guy will say yes cos he actually cheated on her before but this happened & she was so happy) and most of the people who appeared on this actually agreed to be filmed and stuffs, so nothing wrong I guess, except to expose the guy and maybe punish him a little.

Nowadays they get newbies comedians to go on it, well mostly to boost their fame cos this show ratings actually is quite good (I love it to bits and pieces tho) and the girlfriends agreed to be on the show to boost their boyfriends'popularity (well if their boyfriends reject the trick girl after the triangle thingy at the end) but most will say yes so yup ;/ but at least they get screentime and bad publicity is better than none publicity at all so yea ;/
captxfizz 29th-Nov-2012 03:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing this. Generally I hate these type of shows because it makes me rage but really, why would you go on this show thinking it'll solve anything in the first place? GRAGH
isinuyasha 29th-Nov-2012 04:17 pm (UTC)
You're welcome :D
Me too, usually, but I was just too curious to see how Japanese shows deal with this topic, it's...different, haha :D
bridgetothesky 29th-Nov-2012 06:28 pm (UTC)
the triangle is one of ronha's best corners that pretty much makes their variety a 'renai' variety thats different from all the other varietys out there. although i can understand n know that some ppl think its not tv appropriate, from what i know most japanese love this show..

its principle concept is not right obviously n they usually OA as much as the borderline of tv rules will allow- which is why this corner was banned for years and only came back in the lat few years. Itsa funny corner which i used to like a lot kuz its not relly as serious as the article makes it. PLUS honestly, these days the only reason why the corner exist is to help promote newbie unpopular geinin comedians. Usually its the gf that accepts/comes to the show n asks them to do it to her bf in hopes that he'll be a decent guy n in the end his popular will grow from this show..

it really is a win/win for the viewers n show/ the guy being tricked. Kuz after it airs, the comedian always gets recognition n popular.. EVEN if in the end he decides to two time his gf. Thats the part i haaate about the show. Even if the guy ends up a total douchebag (which 99.9% they are) they still get super popular and end up being in golden slot variety shows. Whats worse is that the gf ALWAYS forgives the bf in the end. Ive seen soooo many Triangle episodes, and NEVER have i seen the gf break up with the guy. and everytime im always again amazed at japan's tolerance of cheating
urubaby21 29th-Nov-2012 07:00 pm (UTC)
So the point of this show is to see if the guy will cheat?
nitzi 29th-Nov-2012 08:51 pm (UTC)
Just watched it (at least 2/3 of it) and must say I like it. A lot less screaming, crying and cursing then in "Cheaters" and I love how they make the cheating bf anxious slowly. He deserves it >.
palamecian 2nd-Dec-2012 01:05 pm (UTC)
Unless they give the option to flame-boil your cheatin' boyfriend or girlfriend, this will just be another Cheaters.
raintree123 4th-Dec-2012 01:47 am (UTC)
They don't make the guy cheat just baited him. And he fell for it when he thought no was one watching. I'm just surprised that the girl took him back. I would have castrated his ass lol
kazuninomi 4th-Dec-2012 06:06 pm (UTC)
a bit late to comment^^'

watched it it was so fun**

this is no.4 anyone know the old ones(1-3)

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