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10:40 pm - 11/28/2012

The cheating men what they deserve?


Some of you may already be familiar with the entertaining, yet controversial Net Movie Program "The Triangle" by the Japanese comedy duo London Boots on their show London Hearts. The show has been gaining a huge number of views and attention, good as well as bad. 

For those who have not yet encountered the segment, it is a mixture between the US reality TV show Cheaters and a Japanese Variety Show. Women who are, with or without reason, suspicious of their partners, put them through a test to catch them in the act of cheating. By hiring a trap girl whose job it is to seduce said men away from their girlfriends, they humiliate the boyfriends in front of thousands or even millions of viewers online (Views vary from just 100.000 viewers to almost 3million). The name 'The Triangle' explains the goal of the show, to create a love triangle.

A woman is watching her boyfriend of 4 years on screen, he is trying to coax the trap girl to sleep at his home. While the woman has tears in her eyes, the comedians around her make jokes about silly little things.

Scenes like this are cause for controversial opinions online, ranging from pure excitement to disgust at the public humiliation. 

Not only the Triangle segment is cause for some discussion, some netizens complain that their other shows (mostly focused on the hidden camera and humiliation aspect) are too open and focused on sexual themes.
Make up your own mind about it and watch the latest Triangle saga below with English subs.

→  First video of the latest series. Embedding disabled. 

Source: London Hearts Youtube Channel

Personally, I like this show :D Have not seen a post about this show before and since it is subbed...I thought why not :) 

tokyocinema I wouldn't be so quick to shoot this one down. Don't knock it until you watch it.29th-Nov-2012 03:42 am (UTC)
I watched this, thinking that I would actually hate it. You know, relationship issues should be handled privately.

But it was different than what I expected: these comedians and Misono made jokes, but only to cheer the girlfriend up and nothing insensitive. In fact, Misono even started to cried just recalling all the cheater crap the guy did. it was fun to watch the guy squirm and just be so uncomfortable. He deserved all of it and in the end, everything turned out fine, so it leaves you with a lovely feeling.

I have no idea if they uploaded more like this, but I liked this--and I'm a hard person to please.
boncoup Re: I wouldn't be so quick to shoot this one down. Don't knock it until you watch it.29th-Nov-2012 07:50 pm (UTC)
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