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moumoon are back with a cute pv + releasing a new album in 2013

The duo are releasing their newest single called DREAMER DREAMER/Doko e mo Ikanai yo on December 12, Doko e mo Ikanai yo is currently being used as the ending theme for the drama series, ‘Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi‘. Also they will be releasing their 4th album on January 30, the album will include tv commercial song "Love is Everywhere", main theme song for Fuji Television's special show "Doruche" titled "Banitasu", a main theme for the film "Little Maestra", "Utsukushi hito", and their hit song "Hanabi" also the DVD will include 2 hours worth of live performances(a best of lives). 

 PV and Single Covers



On top of this they will also be releasing a special single exclusively with the wedding magazine Zexy January issue,the single is a cover of Amazing Grace and a new song called 'Aniberuseru' . Readers who buy it can also enter a lottery to have moumoon sing at their wedding or win tickets for their upcoming tour.

[video of them annoucing it and preview]


so much new moumoon this winter!!!

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