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10:34 pm - 11/29/2012

UVERworld to release REVERSI as their next single

It’s been revealed that UVERworld will be releasing their new single, “REVERSI“, on December 26th.

As previously reported, “REVERSI” is one of the tracks off of UVERworld’s ,latest album “THE ONE“, and it will be used as the theme song for an animated movie, ‘Ao no Exorcist‘ (December 28th release). For its coupling tracks, the single will include “Theory Tono Ketsubetsu no Kenkyu +81” along with two live tracks.

The single will be available in 3 different types: Limited Edition,
Regular Edition, and a Complete Production Edition. The Limited Edition
will come with a DVD containing interviews with the members and live
footage from their concert at Yokohama Arena back in July.

UVERworld is currently in the middle of their very first arena tour. Then, they will hold their nationwide tour, ‘UVERworld LIVE TOUR 2012~13 Fall-Winter‘, starting December 25th.


<Limited Edition>

<Regular Edition>

<Complete Production Edition>

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not a huge uverworld stan but this song is just awesome omgggggg all the awards imo!!!
urubaby21 29th-Nov-2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
I didn't know there would be a movie for Aoi no Excorsist. I wonder what they'll do with it cuz I heard a lot of complaints about how the anime totally screwed up the ending.
inachan89 29th-Nov-2012 06:31 pm (UTC)
I love this!!
rednails82 29th-Nov-2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
wow... sounds polished! I love it!
citrine047 29th-Nov-2012 09:01 pm (UTC)
i really haven't listened to them for a long time, and somehow the presence of autotune in the song really surprises me.
that said, UVERworld + ao no exorcist = win.
kotomichi 29th-Nov-2012 09:23 pm (UTC)
i just want to marry takuya's voice, is that weird
kanpekilife 30th-Nov-2012 12:39 am (UTC)
OMG OMG AoEx + Uverworld again! cant wait for Ao no Exorcist movie!! *O*
bangpoppop 30th-Nov-2012 01:55 am (UTC)
I go in and out with them, but right now i'm in.
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