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ISSA Ends Engagement, Denies Yuka Masuda Is To Blame

ISSA has revealed that he has broken off his engagement with model Sachiko Fukumoto after a sex scandal with AKB48 member Yuka Masuda gained media attention.

Yesterday, Masuda made a surprise announcement that she was withdrawing from the group ahead of a report published in the magazine "Shuukan Bunshun" revealing that she had been spending the night with ISSA. Today, ISSA revealed that he had broken his engagement with Fukumoto before the scandal took place.

The report stated that the two have been secretly dating since they began working together in the musical "Wiz ~Oz no Mahoutsukai~", citing this as the reason he ended his engagement. ISSA has denied that he was ever romantically involved with Masuda, their relationship having nothing to do with why he broke the engagement.

Masuda has stated that most of the claims made in the report are not true; however, due to the scandalous nature of the report, she has decided to voluntarily leave the group.

Source: jpopasia

Tags: akb48, model, music/musician, scandal

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