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w-inds.'s lead singer Keita Tachibana launches a solo career (for a second time)

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w-inds.’ main vocalist Keita Tachibana will start a solo career under the name KEITA.
While keeping with the dance music that his group is known for, KEITA intends to create music with a stronger R&B flavor and a sound that is of a world standard.

His first single “Slide ‘n’ Step” will be released on February 20th, 2013!

KEITA both wrote the lyrics and choreographed the song himself. The single was produced using the most current R&B sensibilities. Produced by Ryosuke Imai, the title “Slide ‘n’ Step” contains a double meaning; it is representative of the direction KEITA wishes to take his music, and tells a story about his musical aspirations by use of romantic metaphor.

His aim is to become the “ONE&ONLY” of Japan’s music scene. With his eyes on that goal, KEITA now stands ready at the start line.


KEITA「Slide ‘n’ Step」2013.2.20(wed) ON SALE

FIRST PRESS A CD+DVD PCCA-03716 ¥1,500 [Tax.in]
M-1. Slide ‘n’ Step
M-3.Slide ‘n’ Step(Instrumental)
【DVD】「Slide ‘n’ Step」Music Video

FIRST PRESS B CD+DVD PCCA-03717 ¥1,500 [Tax.in]
M-1. Slide ‘n’ Step
M-3.Slide ‘n’ Step(Instrumental)
【DVD】「Slide ‘n’ Step」Music Video Making

REGULAR EDITION CD ONLY PCCA-70348 ¥1,000 [Tax.in]
M-1. Slide ‘n’ Step
M-3.Slide ‘n’ Step(Instrumental)

PROJECT OFFICIAL HP http://keita-official.tv/
KEITA OFFICAL Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/keitamusic
KEITA OFFICIAL Twitter:https://twitter.com/Official_KEITA

Sources: translation of press release at w-inds. worldwide, original press release

w-inds. Tachibana Keita Begins Solo as KEITA. His Goal: Surpass J. Timberlake

Keita Tachibana, main vocalist of the 3 man dance vocal unit w-inds., has begun a solo project under the name KEITA. I attended his showcase on the 26th in Tokyo. Starting with his single “Slide’n'step” to be released on February 20th, he aims to use his singing and dancing to become an R&B singer of a world level standard. When asked about his ultimate aim, he cited the names of artists like Justin Timberlake, saying “I want to try my best to make my way to that level.”

w-inds. is already famous all around Asia, so on this day, overseas media also appeared. “I’m happy,” he said with a huge grin. “I want to flap my wings and soar into the world.” In addition, many domestic media and entertainment related people also attended the event, in which he performed “Slide’n'step” and “Thinking of You.” With his masterclass performance, he made a huge impression not as Keita Tachibana but as KEITA.

He’d been planning a solo project for about a year. He prepared the lyrics and the choreography by himself, and said “I want to open up more and more of my abilities. I want to use images during my concerts, try and add different entertaining elements to my work, and collaborate with different artists.” His ideal is boundless. He also stated “I want to work as a new artist, exploring and searching for new stimuli everywhere.”

In the world of show business, he is known for his beautiful muscles, but he refused to show them this day. Addressing his fans, he promised “I am going to pull out all the stops in this music video.” In regards to w-inds., he said they’d resume activities by the end of next year.

Sources: translation of article at w-inds. worldwide, original article

Just for all of you who are a little confused, yes, Keita did have a solo career from 2006 to 2008, but this looks like it's done with no relation to w-inds.
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