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Matsuyama Kenichi's 1st stage play “Tooi Natsu no Gogh”

This is Matsuyama’s first attempt at a leading role in a stage play in his11-year acting career. With regard to this, Matsuyama said that he is nervous about acting on stage because he is a newbie in this area but he is looking forward to working on this page.

He plays the role of a cicada named Gogh who strives hard to win the affection of another cicada played by Minami while Tsutsui plays his cicada friend.

The play will be performed at Akasaka ACT Theatre from 3 February 2013 to 24 February 2013 and later at Osaka’s Shin Kabukiza from 7 March to 10 March.


At the time many cicadas chirp on the ground, too impatient boy named by Gogh was in the woods (he is cicada’s larva).

A girl, Beatrice who has such a warm personality is the only person (cicada) who understands him very well. She was born in the same year as him.

She promised him to be his girlfriend on condition that he would definitely emerge from the chrysails.

He is too impetuous person (cicada) and it is difficult for him to follow the rule.She knows that very well, but she promised.

However he has already started preparing to emerge regardless of his will.

Whenever cicadas come up out of the ground, they will die in the same year. If so, he would never be able to see her again.

“Please wait for me, Beatrice. I will sing a song for you next summer!”

Ant, mantis, spider, stag beetle, earthworm… he maintains connection with a variety of creatures and he fights to survive until the next summer.

Will they ever meet again, and he can sing a song for her?

[trans by: naka_wk]

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[Video] Message (15s).

[Video] Presscon 2012/11/20

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