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Shige to release second novel


It was announced that NEWS member Kato Shigeaki, who made his novelist debut with “Pink to Gray” back in January, will be releasing his second novel titled “Senkou Scramble” on March 1st in 2013.

His previous novel sold 120,000 copies, and it was turned into a manga as well. Kato said about his second novel, “I would give 120 points for it. I hope that readers will be able to see my growth in the second novel.”

Just like his previous novel, “Senkou Scramble” is also set in the entertainment industry, and it depicts the life of a center member of a popular female idol group and a paparazzi. Kato says “It’s just a fiction. I write it all using my imagination.” He also said that he would like to continue writing at a one book per a year pace until he gets his own corner at book stores.


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