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V6's new song, short version of ROCK YOUR SOUL PV

V6's new song, the b-side to their new single ROCK YOUR SOUL, was aired yesterday on Miyake Ken no Radio. You can listen to a LQ version of the song here.

The song, fAKE, was composed by corin who had previously worked with V6 for Sexy.Honey.Bunny! and POISON PEACH. One of Tower Records' regional twitters described the song after its first O.A. as a a cool and powerful autotune number, comparing it to their songs "SP ~Break the Wall~" and "will."

Also, this weekend music channel M-ON aired a preview of the A-side's PV.


i'm just excited for the next album. their b-sides post-READY? have been on point!
Tags: pv, v6

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