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Noriyuki Higashiyama “Dance Face-Off” with Junno Taguchi

Last Dec 4th, the production announcement of “NO WORDS, NO TIME ~Sora ni ochita namida~” starring Noriyuki Higashiyama and KAT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi was held at Tokyo.

Stage with a new idea that shows the encounter between life and death involving two men, who will move without words, but just by music and dance. Taguchi, who earned a good reputation in dancing said, “I would like to do my best with my soul into it”. Higashiyama also commented on Taguchi’s efforts and said, “he really works hard so that his reputation will not be tarnished.”

Furthermore, because of Higashiyama’s dependability, Taguchi described Higashiyama as “father-like”. Higashiyama and his wife, actress Yoshino Kimura, is expecting their 2nd child, “I feel like I have three children”, he said with a smile.

Higashiyama’s eldest daughter have just learned to stand recently, “If I do a hand clap, she will imitate it according to rhythm, those are delightful days, and I hope she grows-up as a good girl.” Lastly, Higashiyama also commented on the early stage of his wife’s pregnancy, “I would like to support her when she’s having morning-sickness.”

“NO WORDS, NO TIME ~Sora ni ochita namida~” will start on Jan 18, 2013 until Feb 5th at Globe Tokyo Theater.

credits MIKU at Jnewseng 

Junno is one of the best dancers in J&A, I'm glad
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