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Aya Ueto Wins Clarino Beautiful Legs Award

On November 6, Aya Ueto (27) was awarded The Clarino Beautiful Legs Award at the event's tenth ceremony. Other recipients in attendance were fellow actresses Karen Miyazaki, Michiko Kichise and Chikako Kaku.

Ueto commented, "I'm very happy and confused as to whether it's okay or not for me to receive such an award." "It's a little embarrasing but I'm sure this would be an honour for many women so I want to proudly accept it," added the actress.

Ueto wore a pair of bedazzled black pumps for the event. "I asked my nailist, whom I've know since I was a teenager, to cover the heels with rhinestones. It gives (the shoe) an added maturity," explained a pleased Ueto.

When asked about how she cares for her legs Ueto commented, "I run once or twice a week to maintain my form. My legs swell really easily so whenever I need to I go and get a foot massage. It hurts but I know after I'll feel refreshed. I also make sure, whenever I exercise or go to a lava-rock sauna, that I'm sweating normally."

"I put on heels whenever I'm going to wear something particularly feminine, but the size depends on the occasion," said the actress on her heel-wearing habits. "This one time I was out shopping for clothes and I didn't want to be recognized so I put on some high heels. I ended up buying a more comfortable pair of shoes because the heels were so tiring," shared Ueto.

source: Sponichi
translation: baboona
Tags: actor/actress, awards, aya ueto

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