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Cyzo Exclusive: Aya Ueto and Goro Inagaki to star in "Oshin" remake?

Cyzo reports that Aya Ueto and SMAP's Goro Inagaki have been cast in the big screen adaptation of the 1983 NHK drama "Oshin".

According to a movie insider, "they're holding auditions for the role of Oshin, but Ueto and Inagaki have already been cast as the parents. Filming is set to start next January and will wrap a month later. They will film in Yamagata Prefecture, where the drama was originally shot."

"Oshin" tells the story of a girl born in a very poor rural family in Japan, who through hard work and perseverance eventually triumphs over pain and adversity to achieve fame and success. (

The drama, written by Sugako Hashida and starring Ayako Kobayashi, Hiroko Tanaka, Nobuko Otowa, recorded a peak audience rating of 60%. It was broadcast abroad and received acclaim for its symbolic portrayal of Japanese women.

"The team involved with this movie remake is the one behind movies like 'Okuribito'. They have their sights on another possible Academy Award," says the insider source.

source: Cyzo
translation: baboona
Tags: actor/actress, aya ueto, movie, rumour, smap

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