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Aya Ueto attends private screening of NHK drama "Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de"

On December 4, actress Aya Ueto (27) attended a private screening of the premiere episode of the upcoming NHK drama "Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de", which will air every Tuesday at 10pm starting January 8. Also in attendance were co-stars Naoko Iijima (44) and Atsuko Asano (51).

The drama tells the story of a friendship between two women with a criminal past who are adjusting to life post-incarceration.

Ueto plays Hako, a college student who commits drugging robbery in order to financially support a man. Filming took place in mid-summer but the cast was already well at work before then.

"Before we began filming, we had a meeting with all the cast and the author of the original novel, Asa Nonami. Nonami gave us the green light to take all the creative liberties we saw fit, but because this novel has a very strong fan following I wanted to portray this character with respect for the original source material," commented Ueto.

Speaking of her scenes with co-lead Naoko Iijima, Ueto commented, "She made me smile constantly. Our director had to always remind me to stay in character because she would always bring me back to my cheerful self." "It was easier when I was rehearsing by myself," laughed Ueto.

Asano, who plays Hako's mother, complimented the two actresses, "They are two absurdly cheerful and friendly individuals. It must have been a really difficult task to repress all that positive energy while on set." "I, too, got more done when rehearsing by myself," joked the actress.

source: Sponichi
translation: baboona
Tags: actor/actress, aya ueto, drama, press conference

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