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1:54 pm - 12/05/2012

Katori and Yamashita’s “MONSTERS” TV Drama Ratings Nose Dive


TBS drama “MONSTERS” that currently airs every Sunday has recorded 8.0% audience share (Video Research, Kanto Area) last Dec 2nd. The said drama has reached 13.8% ratings when it started but it hasn’t managed to increase ratings and kept on declining until it reached single digits.

“The drama should have been a hit with two giant names in Johnny’s as the lead- SMAP’s Katori Shingo and Yamashita Tomohisa. However, the drama have suffered an unprecedented crushing defeat. Furthermore, MONSTERS was also written by Makita Mitsuharu, the same person behind MR. BRAIN that recorded an average of 20% ratings. The producers were actually aiming that MONSTERS will achieve a serialization like “Furuhata Ninzaburō”, but now the producers are in deep blue since there were also talks of a movie adaptation,” according to a TV reporter.

Even though the drama got off with a decent start, the viewership eventually falls after that. Can this drama improve? “The reputation of this drama is worse than its numbers.” Though Yamashita’s acting is good enough, Katori is often hated or disliked by televiewers. Even though Katori’s character is really supposed-to-be “hated”, it is not good if viewers actually starts hating his character. Furthermore, there have been criticisms on drama’s screenplay that should have been the drama’s selling point. There have been remarks, such as “sloppy mystery cases” and that “tricks fell short”.

“MONSTERS” next broadcast will be on Dec 9th and it will give way to coverage of Lower House voting on Dec 16th. Hopefully, it will gain a 2-digits rating once it returns.


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ocha_suki 5th-Dec-2012 06:21 am (UTC)
i even stopped watching it after 15mnts on 1st ep. ;)
masaki82 5th-Dec-2012 07:21 am (UTC)
tush_jp 5th-Dec-2012 06:48 am (UTC)
this drama is really boring...
yamap is good in acting..he deserve good scripts.
I stopped watching it after episode 3.
aprilfunk 5th-Dec-2012 06:54 am (UTC)
MR. BRAIN was also bad. Not surprised this is tanking.
csaca 5th-Dec-2012 07:34 am (UTC)
The whole drama is awful, it's really not the fault of the actors -.- And the only character I like is Shingo's so I don't get that part. ://

Don't even compare it to Mr Brain, that was awesome, this is just bad.
exdream1999 5th-Dec-2012 07:43 am (UTC)
I love the shit out this drama, but it's pretty much because of Shingo.

I never watched Mr. Brain, but I did watch ATARU and, yeah, overall, that was better than this.

I also don't get the complaint about Shingo too, unless it's just a bunch of people who can't handle the idea of Shingo breaking his image by playing such an asshole.
exdream1999 SOURCE HAS AN ERROR5th-Dec-2012 07:37 am (UTC)
The 8th episode airing this Sunday is the FINALE. Aocording the Japanese source the 16th was supposed to be the finale, but because of the election, they moved the finale to this Sunday. (I have no idea if this means ep. 8 isn't a true finale or if they skipped it and filmed the 9th ep.)

The JP source was implying that if the finale can get back up into the double digits, then maybe we can a SP/Movie/Second series.


I love this show, because I love Shingo's creepy as fuck acting because it's such a break from his image.

Also, I figure the true killer is super obvious because the whole thing is the lead up to Hiratsuka finally finding that one missing piece for him to prove they are the killers and then gleefully shoving it in their faces.

That and his and Saionji's pair-up.

Though the 1st episode was way too fucking long. There was no need for two hours, god damn.

Edited at 2012-12-05 07:44 am (UTC)
csaca Re: SOURCE HAS AN ERROR5th-Dec-2012 07:51 am (UTC)
I usually complain about too obvious cases, but you are so right, here the main point is how Hiratsuka proves it!
leitoph 5th-Dec-2012 07:50 am (UTC)
Am I the only one who loves this drama? T^T
exdream1999 5th-Dec-2012 08:11 am (UTC)

I love the fuck out of it.

I even have the mascot doll of Hello Kitty dressed up as Hiratsuka from 7-11 (Amongst other things)
kanaala 5th-Dec-2012 08:49 am (UTC)
I don't get most of you. The drama is great, I'm loving it. Mainly because of Katori's character!!! How can one hate on Hiratsuka? Katori is awesome in that role!!!
exdream1999 5th-Dec-2012 08:54 am (UTC)
Come join in our love fests going on up page!!

And yes, Shingo is amazing as Hiratsuka! *_*
resha22chad 5th-Dec-2012 09:07 am (UTC)
actually I am agree with this news coz the story was too boring and the trick was too easy~~~~~~
so I think if the rating is bad yeahh thats the truth~~~
takarai_karin 5th-Dec-2012 09:56 am (UTC)
My experience was the opposite of this article-

I find Shingo's character intriguing but I can't get over how awful Pi is. He's supposedly this idealistic, wide-eyed thing, and I can see how this character could probably flourish under the hands of, say, Yamamoto Yusuke or a younger Sato Ryuta. But Pi is just so expressionless that it's painful to watch.

I dropped the dorama after the first episode because I couldn't justify spending more minutes looking at his blank eyes when he's supposed to look bewildered/perturbed/panicky/everything else besides '無'.

Now I'm watching Ooku and spending each episode crying while Sakai Masato absolutely kills it on the screen.

___varying 5th-Dec-2012 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm watching Ooku too!! Yes Sakai Masato <333 Some of the pacing makes me scratch my head, and sometimes I wish they'd give the characters more depth, but it's unlike anything I've ever watched (never tried taiga dramas, which may be more similar?) so essentially everything is interesting to me, haha. And I want my own Arikoto, lol. xD
anduril_narsil 5th-Dec-2012 11:07 am (UTC)
I think this news is over-reacting due to one-episode dip. This is still within expectations (unless producer's expectation is around 15% ?).

Anyway, I prefer Tokyo Airport. That drama is a pleasant surprise this season, and I really enjoyed it.
lilly0 5th-Dec-2012 11:33 am (UTC)
I still haven't watched it, but it's on my list :D (I'm very bad with cliff-hangers, so I only watch a drama when all the episodes are out ^^)

I'm a bit wary about it because of Pi. Don't get me wrong, I love this guy, but I don't like his acting much - especially in the dramas he did post-Nobuta. I only made it through two episodes of Kurosagi for example, because the acting and the plotmade me cringe. (I liked his older dramas more, like Sore wa, totsuzen, arashi you no ni for example)
So how is he doing in this?

Well, I'm going to watch it anyway - I love Shingo. His acting is sometimes over the top, but it's what makes his charm :D

Edit: By the way, Mr. Brain was brilliant. I doubt that Monsters will be even close to that drama.

Edited at 2012-12-05 11:34 am (UTC)
exdream1999 5th-Dec-2012 11:42 am (UTC)
Pi wise, I say that in Monsters he's actually much like how he was in Nobuta, it helps that Saionji is basically a grown-up Akira in some ways.

Shingo very much makes this drama though.

It's definitely not perfect, I think ATARU was much better, but it's not terrible if you're not one of those people who need their mysteries to have copmlicated "who done it?" plots

And I guess I really need to get on watching Mr. Brain.
yuui1010 5th-Dec-2012 12:48 pm (UTC)
Actually, it has a good story line, mystery wise. Better than Perfect Blue.
However, the thing that made me uncomfortable watching it is Shingo creepy smile. I couldn't but to cringe everytime he's doing it. Yamapi acting is okay (though a bit over in the silly-ness), coz I think it's more enjoyable than all his previous ones (at least his eyes not dead).
hpswf1 5th-Dec-2012 12:56 pm (UTC)
I started watch via KH, but there is too much grimacings for my liking >_> from both sides(
queencrystallia 5th-Dec-2012 03:33 pm (UTC)
your reason for not watching is really strange. grimacing? what is wrong with the grimacing if this is how the role is? LOL it is not overacting, on this drama , it is called style , the grin he makes or the smirk so ~~~ even so there is a difference between overacting just cause i cannot do my role otherwise and "i will grin to the point of scaring" cause i am playing some mysteriouss weirdo scary guy who likes annoying and being rude to people lol ~ and yamapi ..i think in the first episode he was so and so but in the rest he is good ~ he is just afraid of ruining his image i believe and this is why sometimes he comes out as stiff but the moments that this happens are limited so :3 idc ~ i think the grin is just priceless. even people who do not watch j-drama, saw it and they immediately XDDDD grinned as well lol
spsn 5th-Dec-2012 02:00 pm (UTC)
I like the drama! and a bit miffed that it's only 8 episodes, why?
I don't understand the hate, Shingo's character is good! as a jackass LOL
and yamapi acting in here is interesting too, a different character than his usual kakkoii moody roles... so... anyhoo, i'm gonna keep watching this drama hohoho...
edneichon 5th-Dec-2012 05:33 pm (UTC)
I love the characters in this show they have potential... the only one who has lots of lines to validate his acting is Shingo so the rest is using space (it seems like the show was made for him), Tomo's character seems willing to do anything, with his hiperventilated self, but with almost 0 lines there's not much he can do (besides Saionji and Hiratsuka dont have a conection, there's not a story behind them).. kanako heroin, she is adorable with Pi (reaching the highest ratings) but her promotion into this serie 'what a joke', she barely has had 5 min in only one ep and endo-san sterotype of authoritarism.... they are well played nor so the script for the cases its too tedious, cause in the end its all about Hiratsuka resolving 'the cases'.
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