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4:55 pm - 12/06/2012

Check out the PV for Lead’s new single “Still”

Lead will be releasing their 20th single “Still” on December 12th. This will be the third release for their 10th anniversary year, and the theme of this song is “daybreak.” It expresses the hope that everyone tries to discover when overcoming distress or discouragement, and taking a new step forward. The lyrics of the song were written by the members.

“Still” will come with five different editions; regular edition and limited edition A,B,C and D. Among these five editions, only limited edition A will include a DVD which contains the music video to “Still” as well as its off shot.

Check out the PV that was just released on their official YouTube channel below!


nekoworld 9th-Dec-2012 11:32 am (UTC)
The song is amazing. I love it! And the PV is ok, nothing special but still nice! ^-^
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