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Morning Musume announce 52nd single, "HELP ME!!"

The single is previewed a bit in the video, as are the outfits. It will be released 01/23/2013 and will be the first single for 11th generation member Oda Sakura.

There will be 8 editions, with five different b-sides:
Limited D: Aishou no Romantic (Sorrow Romantic) - Sayumi & Mizuki
Limited E: Watashi no Dekkai Hana (My Huge Flower) - Reina, Haruna & Ayumi
Limited F: Nani wa Tomo Are! (No Matter What, Keep Your Friends!) - Erina, Kanon, Masaki & Haruka
Regular A: Suki Dakara Zettai ni Yurusanai (I Love You, So I'll Never Forgive You) - Riho & Sakura
Regular B and C: Happy Daisakusen - Everybody

sources: 1, 2, and 3

Single sounds good from the small preview, but what is going on with those subgroups? Sayumi and Mizuki have already done a duet, so I would have rather gotten Sayumi/Haruna or Sayumi/Erina. Reina should have been paired with Sakura (NEVER WITH HARUNA). Kanon and Haruka should have just been a duet, or they should have added in someone who isn't quite as high pitched as Erina and Masaki.
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