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Kamisama no Karute (In His Chart) Sequel Announced for 2014!

Fans of last year’s Kamisama no Karute (In His Chart) rejoice! On Dec 12th, it has been announced that a sequel to the immensely popular medical movie is slated for release in 2014. Sakurai Sho (30) and Miyazaki Aoi (27)will be reprising their roles as the main leads Kurihara Ichito and Kurihara Haruna. In this sequel, Fujiwara Tatsuya (30) will be playing alongside them as Kurihara Ichito’s rival. Sakurai shares, “This is a very important piece to me; I am delighted and honored to be reprising my role in this work again.”

Author of the original novel series Natsukawa Sousuke (34), despite being in active duty as a doctor, has published the third book of the series Kamisama no Karute 3 last August 2012. The third installment focuses on the character’s growth as a doctor, where Kurihara Ichito faces health care challenges as a doctor in a rural community in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken. So far, all works have sold 2.2 million copies in circulation. 

In a story set a few months after the previous movie, a powerful rival emerges in Shindo Tatsuya, a physician appointed to the same hospital in Matsumoto-shi, and is also Kurihara Ichito’s acquaintance from his college days.Shindo is to be portrayed by Fujiwara Tatsuya. 

As someone whose priority is on his hospital calls 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, Ichito tries his best to persevere in his work. On the other hand, Shindo cannot be contacted after leaving the hospital and going home home no matter what happens as his family, most especially his daughter, awaits his return from work. Through heartrending confrontations between Shindo and Kurihara, the sequel takes a deeper look into the characters’ various views on being a doctor, on their work, and on their families. 

In this movie where Shindo and Kurihara share opposing views, viewers will also be treated to a stellar performance by a talented actor and a popular idol of the same generation. This will be the first time Sakurai and Fujiwara will be acting together. This will also be Fujiwara's first role as a doctor and a father.

Another angle the sequel movie will be taking on will focus on the Kurihara’s marital relationship. In the previous movie, Haruna is found to be pregnant, thus the sequel will also be shedding light on Haruna’s pregnancy, until the child’s birth. Miyazaki shares enthusiastically, “I am looking forward to being able to watch over Ichito-san as I live as 'Haruna-san'.”

 Sources indicate that Toho, movie producer and distributor, believes that the sequel will equally be popular as the first movie and the novel series, and may possibly be slated for release as a popular drama series. “I think the calm yet warm atmosphere of this work will surely touch your hearts,” Sakurai says. 

Other new cast to be added to the movie include Fukishii KazueIchige Yoshie, and Hamada GakuEmoto Akira and Harada Taizo will be reprising their roles from the previous movie.

The first movie released in August 2011 performed very well in the theaters, grossing total net sales of 1.9 billion yen. The movie sequel will be based on the second novel, published ten years after the first work.

Sources: Sponichi AnnexSanspoNikkan Sports

Photo Credits: Kamisama no Karute Official Website

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