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Kasai Tomomi to graduate AKB48

2nd-gen AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi (21) announced her graduation today at AKB's Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen event.
She later updated her blog with the following message:

I, Kasai Tomomi, will graduate from AKB48

Since 14 years old, over the past 6.5 years,
I experienced a lot,
Met very important friends,
And, the fans,
The love from everyone,
I’ve come so far.

AKB has a very important place in my heart.

Therefore in the future too,
It will not change!

The Kasai Tomomi who’s still immature.
Slowly in the future,
I’ll grow.
I think like this.

Still, the graduation day
Is undecided!!

When it’s decided,
I’ll tell everyone.

Because it’s a sudden announcement
Every of the fans
that’s shocked,

In the little time left,
As AKB48’s Kasai Tomomi,
Please look after me.

And the path ahead of me after that,
Please look after Kasai Tomomi.

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omfg this has been a bad month for 2nd gen. I guess this makes sense tho, Chiyuu isn't getting back into senbatsu, she's not going to get higher in AKB, she should move on and work on her solo career while she's still popular.
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