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hide’s commemorative project currently underway

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It was revealed that a special project is currently underway for hide, X JAPAN’s guitarist who suddenly passed away in 1998.

During the hide’s birthday party held on the 8th, there was a sign that read, “hide ROCKET DIVE 2013~2014 ~20th solo works & 50th of birth anniversary~.” Through a recent Sankei Sports’ interview, it was revealed that the project was to commemorate the 13th
anniversary since hide made his solo debut (in 2013), and his 50th birth anniversary (in 2014).

One of the highlights will be the restoration of “hide museum.” According to a person concerned, the museum will open both in Tokyo
next summer, and in Osaka next fall for a limited time. Reportedly, it will also open in 2014 as well, and the location for the museum has
already been decided. An official stated, “For 2013, it will be mainly related to his solo works, and for 2014, we will switch the
display items to be mainly related to his personal history“. The interior and exterior will also be in hide color.

“hide museum” opened in hide’s hometown of Yokosuka, Kanagawa back in 2000. They displayed about 1000 items including his 23 guitars,
costumes, cherished car, and even his grade transcript from junior high school. It was first planned to close after 3 years, however, they
extended to 5 years due to the great number of its visitors, as 400,000 people visited the museum in 5 years. There were also many requests for the return of the museum.

Moreover, they will hold a film concert on his death anniversary on May 2nd in several locations, and there is also a plan to hold it in
overseas. It is said that it is already under the final negotiation with the proposed site. There will also be a music festival called “hide memorial summit.”

The fans still show their strong love toward hide, as about 35,000 people attended the memorial service on the twelfth anniversary of hide’s death held at Tsukiji Honganji Temple in 2010. The commemorative project will surely continue the great legacy of hide.


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