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1:21 am - 12/26/2012

Johnny's Medley on Kayoukyoku a.k.a. Johnny's Countdown happened early, and SMAP's joining in

umbrellaphone 26th-Dec-2012 09:02 am (UTC)
Tokio, V6, K8, and Arashi - under Julie
Smap, Kat-tun, kismyft, Yamapi - under Michi (or KT's case, rumored to be under Johnny's)

not exactly coincidence, I think.
whited_79 26th-Dec-2012 10:11 am (UTC)
except that K8 were never under Julie, and if it's true it only happens this year...

and though KT's supposed to be under Johnny, they're more Julie's than Iijima, or else You&J would never have been formed...and Yamapi has always been under Julie's (she's the one who supposedly broke 4Tops to give way for NEWS, effectively caused K8 to almost never debut as well)...and KT with K8 have plenty of works together, much more so than Arashi/K8...

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umbrellaphone 26th-Dec-2012 11:14 am (UTC)
It happened this year, hence tabloid use K8's Kouhaku appearance in the "power struggle" btwn Michi and Julie. I believe at least when Jin was still in KT (so until 2010-ish), they weren't under Julie.

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noonew 26th-Dec-2012 11:47 am (UTC)
There were rumors after Jin returned for the first time that KT was sent to Michi. The stream of collaboration between KT and SMAP in 2009-2010 (SxS appearance, Ueda in Nakai's drama, Kame in Kimura's Mr.Brain, Junno in Shingo's drama) seemed to support the rumor. But the collaboration disappeared in 2011 and SMAP has been heavily promoting Kisumai and other juniors since then. Some believe when Jin left KT, he was sent to Michi while the rest now belong to Johnny's sect.
whited_79 26th-Dec-2012 03:33 pm (UTC)
It happened this year, hence tabloid use K8's Kouhaku appearance in the "power struggle" btwn Michi and Julie.

only if the rumors are true...besides, like KT, K8 have always been more under Johnny himself, just because everybody else in the top management didn't want to have any part of it before...
hpswf1 26th-Dec-2012 02:45 pm (UTC)
Yamapi since his solo debut was under Michi.
whited_79 26th-Dec-2012 04:27 pm (UTC)
ah, you learn something new everyday...
sheda_kun 28th-Dec-2012 03:56 am (UTC)
wowww...what a knowledge people.
I only aware of the management rivalry in Johnny but didn't know that it will give such an impact to the groups. I mean, they're still under the same company right?

Anyway, that's why I always have a feeling that SMAP and Arashi not seems quite friendly with each other, hardly interact when guesting music/tv program unlike TOKIO/K8 and Arashi.

But in case of AKB48 why they only have so much works together with SMAP? It would be nice to see them together with Arashi, doing baka-things like that.

I feel that whenever Arashi is on tv show with other artist, they have this 'exclusiveness' (or they just don't know what to react to)vibe on them. e.g. in Nakai X Tamori conbini de ii no ni, I understand if that's Oh-chan but Sho also like that. Only talked when Nakai asked. No interaction with other actor/actress while they're actually the persons who always guesting on Arashi tv shows.

Sorry for being off topic since one lead to another. Just thought that I want to ask here. Maybe can direct to some links of good readings. I'm not that resourceful but of course, full of curiosity (when I don't hve any better things to do) ^^
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