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Crystal Kay and EXILE members collab to form DANCE EARTH PARTY

For the past couple years, EXILE member USA has been working on his life project, "DANCE EARTH". In which he explores the roots and essence of dance all around the world. It came to him when he realised that dance is a common universal language. During his time of exploration during 2008 to 2010, he released two photobooks and DVDs. He had visited Sedona in Arizona, Senegal, Ibiza, Tanzania, Kenya, Bali, India, Jamaica and Chicago.

Continuing with his life project, he has produced a stage play based on his work. The name of the stage play is "DANCE EARTH ~Seimei no Kodou~". According to the LDH website, the plot is

"With the ultimate program 'Izana System', the huge country (Empire) became unprecedented peaceful after.
However there is one unshakeable rule, "NO DANCE!"...Dancing is banned...
In this deadly silent world, there is one youth called Saruta. One night, he sees a 'clown' dancing in the light of the full moon.
That night,he sets out on a journey to explore a future filled with dancing.

EXILE USA's lifelong career 'DANCE EARTH'
The carnival that unprecedentedly gathers the most powerful members together, and which combines dance, the common language all over the world, and beautiful rhythm, is opening up!!"

Some of the performers include IKKO, Eriko Ide, gunjo and Soichi Hirama. The play will run from Friday, February 1st, 2013 to Saturday, February 23rd, 2013.

To promote this play, USA forms a temporary unit with his fellow stage members, NESMITH (EXILE), TETSUYA (EXILE) and Crystal Kay.
They will release their first single, 'Inochino Rhythm' on January 16th, 2013. The song will come in two formats of CD and CD + DVD. The title song's lyrics were written USA, the first time has ever done so. The group will also appear on the February issue of the EXILE magazine, 'Gekkan EXILE'.

Short-vers MV for Inochino Rhythm

// CD //
1. Inochino Rhythm
2. Ikusa Shita no Chikyuu (hoshi) de
4. Inochino Rhythm (Instrumental)
5. Ikusa Shita no Chikyuu (hoshi) de (Instrumental)
1. Inochino Rhythm (Music Video)
2. Inochino Rhythm (Making of)

[Pictures, click to open]

source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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