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Jin & Yamapi got Friday'ed while clubbing on Akanishi Reio's birthday


At night, in Azubu Juban, where men and women who cosplay as Santa Claus are coming and going, the women walking down the street began making noise excitedly. In front of them, there was the one who hasn’t been on TV lately, Akanishi Jin (28)! Akanishi was seen entering Club D, so we contacted a young man from the publishing department who loves partying in clubs.

“Now, Akanishi is entering in club D from Azubu Juban. Do you know that club?”

“If it’s club D, then I’m also a regular customer. Then, I’ll head there immediately!”

The “M” with whom we joined had sneaked into the club. Waiting for a while, there’s a mail from “M”.

“He’s together with Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin’s little brother, Akanishi Reio. It seems like they reserved a VIP room and are celebrating Reio’s birthday.”

“Even if he has a child with Kuroki Meisa (24) and he’s caught with child nursing, as expected, Akanishi has not forgotten of the pleasure of playing out late…” says the mail we received from “M”.

“Akanishi and YamaP have come out from the VIP room,  shoulder leaning against shoulder, they took photos. Also some women acquaintances joined them.”

Upon hearing women joining them, instantly our tension rose up. But, we stood waiting for four hours.  (t/n: you waited for nothing, suckers XD) YamaP and Akanishi have made sure to send with the taxi his little brother and other ten people, all men. Even if it’s Akanishi who we’re talking about, he’s too scared of his bride Meisa to even wait for the girls?!

Source: FRIDAY magazine translated by  gibberish10.tumblr via jafandom

Reio's birthday was on Dec 11
Speaking of Meisa, Japanese fans took this picture in Roppongi on Dec 24.  From left to right: Yamapi, Shirota Yu, Jin, Meisa and Carl Rinsch (47 Ronin director)

A-3gcN3CMAAcq4e.jpg large
credit to @unleashthegeek twitter
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