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Yamada Ryosuke's Solo Debut Oricon Sales + Kindaichi SP


Yamada Ryosuke sold 87,555 on first day of release, totally toppling NYC's standard sales, and managing 2/ 3 of Hey! Say! Jump's recent singles' first day sales.

That is a LOT for a solo effort. Congrats Yamada!

Yamada Ryosuke Puts “Body and Soul” for his 1st Solo Single

Last Jan 9th, Hey!Say!JUMP‘s Yamada Ryosuke attended the preview event for NTV’s “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo~Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken~“. The said event happened at Imperial Theater, which is the same venue for “Johnny’s World” stage play.

Yamada Ryosuke engaged in a “talk-show” with fellow JUMP member Arioka Daiki, who also co-starred with Yamada in Kindaichi. Yamada also performed the drama’s theme song,”Mystery Virgin“, which was also released as his debut solo single the same day. Afterwards, Yamada surprised his fans with a janken tournament and handshake meeting that delighted 1,200 fans who attended the event.

Yamada recognized his growth from his 1st solo single, “It was uneasy at first since I’ll be alone and not with the group, my voice have changed and I have to appear sultry as well.” Nevertheless, Yamada is proud of his first solo single, “I put my body and soul for the song,” he said with confidence.

“Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo~Hong Kong Kowloon Zaiho Satsujin Jiken~” will air this Jan 12th, 9:00PM (JST) on NTV.

Oversease Broadcast Time & Channel (Jan 12)

TVB J2 Channel January 12(Sat) 21:35~

VIDEOLANDB January 12(Sat) 22:00~

SBS Plus January 12(Sat) 23:00~

E-CITY Channel of StarHub January 12(Sat) 20:00~

TV JAPAN January 12(Sat) 21:20~

source: Oricon Sanspo, 47news, amirena
credits: MIKU at Jnewseng

I waited 3 years for this solo to happen okay, nothing can make me disappointed. Now please go & make that HSJ single next Yamachan

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